Unconditional Prospect Love

This may well be of particular use if you realise you (or your team) are a touch techie.

On a separate note, I have successfully in the past sought out an equation to help a slidedeck along. Again, especially where you’ve a technical-minded prospect. Making something up can work well and inject personality. Or piggybacking on an actual piece of existing mathematics, no matter how obscure, can also give a useful result.

In this case (who knew…?) true love now has a formula.

As William Shakespeare is almost quoted here, ‘buying is not buying which alters when it alteration finds …’

The idea revolves around ‘degree of beliefs’. The notion that ‘credence’ is at the heart of decision vulnerability or strength. That no such standpoint is made in isolation. The level of starting credence (Cr) influences the extent to which it can shift up or down dependent upon new facts or events that could influence that present standing.

So credence is subject to change as a relationship progresses. Once built up, a bank of credence is more tricky to diminish. A Cr nearer one (the scale used is as for probability, namely 0 to 1) and negative experience is less likely to sway overall opinion. Whereas for ‘good’ events occurring when Cr was still relatively low, then the chances of rising sky high are slim, as they’re more likely to creep ahead just a notch. As the researcher summed up, ‘Credence 1 is rationally unmovable, in a similar way to having unconditional love’.

The statisticians will no doubt note that Cr > 1 is impossible. Yet the whole notion of raising credibility in your buyer’s mind and getting as close to this magical ‘1’ value as you can would make your deal fireproof.

In an ideal world, all your interactions with a prospect will build Cr. Yet an interesting side to this thinking, is that you’re probably better off managing the level of marvel you produce.

Lots of little ‘doin’-what-you-said’ ticks in boxes at the start, increasing in weight as you progress, leaving the big hitter wonders til nearer the Decision Day. From first date to unconditional love in a managed, smooth, upward way.

Is that how your current prospects are finding progress with you play out?

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