Unexplained Unconventionals Unwashed

As Sunday late night show The Unexplained with Howard Hughes ends its sadly all-too-brief rolling news channel TV run, here we look back at how the unusual array of guests presented themselves.

Starting with possibly the most featured talking head. Space Expert (albeit villawit), Andy Lound. Above making the most of his bedsit space outside the Holte End, no doubt. With oft-sported real astronaut spacesuit. Alongside globe prop. With affixed sticky note for explanation. An enthusiastic soul, he does like his props. Here's his model Artemis rocket.

We should use more props.

Whatever that red backdrop is, it kinda works, hey.

Next up, proof you can fashion a zoom booth from a cupboard?

Because of the colour contrast, no matter how makeshift, such confined space approach can also work.

Next, we see a couple zooming in from American hotel rooms.

Another frequent guest there, in English former Defence civil servant turned ᴜꜰᴏ hunter. Note the angled back wall running to the corner. Although could've maybe lit that part-shaded cheek.

And this Dutch pilot with a 'hot' story to tell. Though it's harsh to suggest more lighting or moving the laptop to the daylighting to someone perhaps not expecting to be video called at an airport hotel stopover. Luckily that bed looks made...

Next, this American congressman took advantage of popping outside during Summer. Nicely in full Guantanamo robe. Any idea what that flash of green belongs to?

Home offices seem the staple.

Note the higher camera angle. Used elsewhere too.

Although I'm not sold on the certificate heavy wall above.

Nice to see a whiteboard in shot, even if on the small side. Hope it gets use when live videoing.

The fireplace here perhaps suggests another busy home office for this Professor.

Maybe a touch too close to the webcam or 45° spotlight needs slight shift, but another reminder about the corner backdrop angle.

Which may have been a better option for the above Professor.

Now let's compare with a Texan daytime.

Backdrop angling nicely towards corner and daylighting. Check those pics on the door for personality and her face all visible too.

I get that reflection in my lenses too, so sympathise. With posters behind though, I prefer them to be mostly unobscured. A webcam tilt to the corner maybe better.

Then if you use your dining room after your Sunday Roast, maybe try looking a little less sanguine?

Non-office space at home can be embraced, as by another Professor here. Remember checking if you need webcam elevation though.

But take heart, even those with a career in broadcasting can go amateur.

That mirror, lighting, glow, guitar, pic...

Lastly, an actual muso. Always liking to see any 'studio'. Again don't be afraid to change the viewing angle away from the straight up to make the most of it.

Final tips from the assorted characters joyfully seen these past couple o' years. And with that, it's a doleful goodbye to The Unexplained lighting up Sunday nights.

Footnote, this post follows others from Howard's world; How would you describe yourself?, the man himself & early shows in the telly run.

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