Up-Goer Five Pitch

I was delighted to come across this meme, albeit courtesy of a lefty rag! It extols the very simplicity buyers yearn for. And when deployed by sellers, it means they succeed.

So you must pitch using only the “ten hundred” most common words. Quite a discipline.

I think this would make an excellent mini-sales meeting or conference exercise.

For homework, people could try it out beforehand. Then you compare and award the best that’s read out.

Take a brand new item. Set a (small) upper-word limit. Craft your pitch!

If the site’s not around when you read this, then there’s always giving the same idea a bash but only using words of two syllables (-ing endings excepted!) as per the Orwell rules of clear writing. And no jargon allowed at all!

Give it a go yourself. And I like the way the journo has left in words that weren’t allowed using that strikethrough technique. That’d look great on a slide heradling this workshop too.

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