Deal Entry Dress Code

I love my day’s out watching Test match cricket.

I do this most at the wonderful Newlands, Cape Town.

They have a dress code for members and guests in the main stand.

This has caused all sorts of  rucks in the past. People seem to believe they have a divine right to bring the place down by wearing beach gear.

So now, rather than the standard bullet list of dos and don’ts, there’s a new poster in town.

And it’s gone down a storm!

I immediately thought of a fun little graphic to have up in the sales office.

Or project to the masses at the next internal conference.

Couldn’t you have similar little pics of deal ins and deal outs?

Perhaps you always lose if you mainly talk to a bearded buyer, only speak about cost or have a fit like that of the most infamous everything-went-wrong customer from yesteryear.

Maybe you always win against a specific competitor, when you are first in the running shaping the process or engage the CEO on the golf course.

Easy pictures can be downloaded gratis from the web for all these and more.

Simple to pop on a sheet and start reinforcing a vital discussion.

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