Back Office Front Office - System Or Showroom

Are you an ideal front-man? Or prefer to be making things happen behind the scenes?

This can be an emotive issue when framed as a front versus back office issue.

So many salespeople I’ve met fancy themselves as Fronters.

I even wonder if there’s a split. Front office are the new business salespeople, back office the accouint management?

I was talking to a self-appointed front man, that was an awesome back office guy. In the same way rock stars virtually never make good actors, this person should have stayed in the back office.

It made me think about how we ‘select’ our ‘team’ prospect-side.

We can be so desperate sometimes for anyone trumpeting our cause when we’re not in there, that we can put intense pressure on one specific insider to fulfill both roles.

Rather than the oft-used terms, I thought of asking whether a potential ally felt they were a System or Showroom person.

I reckoned it might elicit a more accurate discussion.

And more likely to focus everyone’s efforts in the right place.

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