US Lawmaker Slide Sign Fail

American politics. What a pleasure it’s so often played out in full public glare.

Even if they lack the London bombast of Westminster theatre.

You often see lawmakers bring in presentation aids to US Senate hearings.

This week, one man took this to an extreme.

It didn’t go well.

Which is such a shame for the genre.

Despite this shambles, to print out your key visual or two is a winner.

To print each and every tee-up or message is not.

It hasn’t been since ‘site sellers’ became the pre-slidedeck projection rage.

A folder pack where a pitch would be learned by rote with each physical page flipped through in front of an agitated mark.

That’s before you even get to the design of the (surfeit of) slides in this case.

Too much text, unintelligible highlights, indecipherable formats,

With cherry on top the losing of place and thread, most pronounced with the collapse and disappearance of the stack.

Don’t let this fiasco put you off.

You can stick a printout to a piece of artboard and carry with for success.

Just ensure it doesn’t say solely THE SCHEME.

Update: O-oh. He returned next day…

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