Use American Kick The Can Down The Road Folly To Your Advantage

There’s so much to admire about America. Yet they’ve made a habit during my lifetime of regularly undoing much of this good.

The Second Amendment. The Global Policeman. The Health Approach. The Sporting Myopia. The We Will Do Whatever Ourselves Despite What Others Have Done Or Learned teenage tantrums.

Irreparable damage?

When the Chinese regime this week remarkably commented that “the world must de-Americanise itself” everyone outside of the USA strangely found themselves nodding in agreement.

He was referring to the laughing stock the US became around the world due to their government shutdown and debt ceiling ‘crisis’. In the words of their own head of state, Barack Obama, this episode ‘encouraged enemies, emboldened competitors and depressed friends’.

Were the totalitarians trying to justify to their vote-less people that anything American was the wrong road? After all, the most American of principles like freedom, innovation and expression are faulty by association, right?

Well, such virtues are where it’s at.

Not that any of us elsewhere hold the monopoly on sense (far from it), but this week was bitterly damaging to the US of A.

The ubiquitous phrase, described by one noted English commentator as “ghastly”, that seems to label this sorry saga is;

kick the can down the road

The ‘crisis’ has been averted. But only until early next year.

I once saw a friend of mine literally ‘kick the can down the road’. Poor Simon Wright. Circa 1984. All was not as it seemed. He broke a toe. Missed a ton of his beloved sport for ages. An interesting metaphor?

It was one of those stories that made me watch what can only be described as ‘marginal’ “news” channels. I genuinely was astounded to hear just how gloatingly global stations from one-party states relayed the story.

Even on US sources, the fact that one side openly admitted defeat seem to offer up an unusually singular angle on the story.

So, the saying that stuck suggests a decision has been put off. If we close our eyes, put our hands over our ears, the issue will go away. The status quo will get us through.

And that’s where any attuned sales antennae will perk up.

The status quo has got to be the most fearsome of competitor on a sale.

When you’re on a tender-driven bid, there’s so often an element of ‘incumbency’ to tackle. Even if you are the incumbent, there’s still status quo forces like the supplier milkround to scupper you.

It appears universally accepted at this very minute that to kick the can down the road is not a good thing. So have you prospects leaning towards this course of (in)action?

Is it possible you can use this as a potential objection handle here?

You may have a strong enough relationship to simply scoff at their similarity to exposed US lawmakers and see how your cards fall.

More likely, you could rather paint of picture of preferable alternatives. In this case, many consider the imposition of a debt ceiling is the cause of the problem. Better to remove it and focus on reducing the tear-inducing seventeen trillion dollars of government debt.

So is there an underlying cause in your case? One that you could promote to ensure people like my pal Simon don’t miss out on playtimes? Or you your order as your prospect prospers.

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