Used Car Price Handle

How unusual is this?  Encountering a used-car salesman that deploys a decent sales technique.  I found myself in a garage the other day and was treated to a few minutes of spot-on pitching from a fella who’s father had started the business in 1967.

He soon realised that one of the three people in the selling party had a father themselves that had bought several cars from him.  He then lathered it in that his purpose was to never sell anything that could even remotely come back to bite him as he wanted customers to come back again and again, and that here was the proof he never let anyone down.

Then the issue of price emerged.  Here’s roughly what he said.

“Yes, I now you can buy cheaper.  Mind you, we’re not the dearest either. If you want to buy cheaper then you can.  The reason people pay a bit more is for peace of mind.  When you buy cheaper you might be alright but then again you might not.  You do get what you pay for. When you pay our prices you get…”

…and he went on to rattle off all the ‘extra comforts’ he provides that he felt justified his premium.

These bits were text book stuff, and refreshing to hear.  A shame though that he let himself down by failing to ask a single question once he was informed of what was being looked for, insisting instead on telling the prospective buyer what he thought they really ought have.

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