Who's On Your Team?

In the ubiquitous coffee-shop that is London, I glanced through a broadsheet and enjoyed an article about how bands have, after delivering their latest opus, often been told by record labels to go back and “write some singles“.  In it, was this remarkable, seemingly incongruent sporting reference:

The clinical sports psychologist Dr Victor Thompson specialises in helping athletes to come to terms with loss of form and believes that there are parallels to be drawn between the realms of sport and music. “As you get more successful, you become surrounded by more and more people who have an opinion on how you should improve your performance.”

He says one key to holding your nerve throughout periods of change is to “have dialled in what you need to perform in any arena”. Thompson has observed that in the realm of sport, the most consistent performers have been those who have been able to cultivate a team to work for them. “Michael Schumacher is someone who was and is incredibly single-minded and impervious to what people think of him.”

Who are the most successful salesreps you’ve worked with?  I bet they’re all past-masters at getting all and sundry working on deals with, and for, them.  Not only that, they probably give the illusion of being maverick, yet are likely highly skilled in creating the very team-like environment cited by the aforementioned psychologist.

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