Using Chinese Freedom Fight Cryptic Codes

The CCP, as regular readers will doubtless know, I hold in the greatest of contempt.

Now the lunacy of Xi Jinping's zero-covid diktat for the sake of his eternal power has boiled over among swathes of China's enslaved populace.

Mass demonstrations taking place. Unshackling demanded. Regime upheaval chanted.

How we fear for the inevitable reprisals. Surely a brutal doubling-down awaits. A violent repressive crackdown imminent. One to make even those late-20th Century Eastern European secret police blush, let alone the those responsible for the post-Tiananmen hope-choking atrocities.

With the Chinese surveillance state purging their online world of wrongspeak, protestors are it seems in part resorting to the playbook of fellow victims of tyranny in Hong Kong.

Signifying the loss of voice through holding aloft the blank sheet of A4.

The lack of free speech also acknowledged by the blanking of profile pic avatars to an all-white emptiness.

Other ways of circumventing the censor's blade are intriguing.

University students pictured holding Friedmann equations. Evoking the similarity between the physicist's name and the phrase "freed man" or "freedom".

Singing of a Cantopop song recently co-opted by pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong; "Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies" by Beyond.

The reclaiming of nonsensical 'positive' messages to trend. Such as including some that simply read "right right right right right" and "good good good".

Alongside hashtag equivalents that pun and echo initials. Such as revealed by this paragraph from London's Telegraph;

Among the cryptic terms being used by government critics online are “banana peel” which has the same initials as Mr Xi’s name in Chinese, and "shrimp moss", which sounds similar to the phrase "step down".

This final treatment pair may well have interesting application with prospects.

It's not going to fit with every deal. But when it does - perhaps if your prospect supports China's freedom fighters - you might gain a crucial edge.

Imagine if the aim is to move into a certain territory. Beat a specific competitor. Target a named job responsibility.

If any have a spoken sound that resembles an everyday item, or initials that can also stand for something else, then maybe you can use it as part of your efforts to distinguish yourself.

Even though no-one could have predicted that a single Tunisian setting themselves alight in a market would move the world, the Arab Spring was soon smothered in Winter. Against the odds, please let this movement enjoy different fate.

And should you require a little clandestine approach which at the same time helps bring believers in you that little bit tighter together, then by all means introduce at least a little teenage playground code of your own as a flag to hoist.

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