Musk Reality Fact Check Slides

Remember the days when someone else could be called upon to do our slides for us?

The current wearer of Croesus' crown likely does requisition such resource.

Last Saturday evening he shared his latest "company talk" slides. As referenced above.

Whilst not strictly speaking a salesdeck, central to such 'all-hands' was still selling an idea. Namely the platform for his vision now freshly helming social media monster the twitter.

Regardless of whether the baker's dozen published were the full account, we can perhaps gauge a current trend for both display and tone.

Firstly, the (landscape) deck is split. Between backgrounds of corporate designer texturally aged blue and black-with-screenshot. Between (mainly) linegraphs of performance and functionality signposting. Between the now and the tomorrow.

This template could easily be adapted for a similar framing with a prospect.

How they land at today with a consistent chart theme. Then the ideas from which their sunlit uplands can be fashioned with enticing visual representation.

Note too how our Elon chose to begin with not a graph, but a clear statement of intent. To presumably signify that company health is good by association of positive outlook with banner 'we're recruiting'.

When it comes to the following quintet of graphs, the simple choice of line alone being in black I think works. With a neat, gentle juxtaposing jolt.

An actual number accompanies one. Highlighting its accumulative total. Three have added white text labelling and bespoke arrowing to bring out other notables.

Note also the two-halves screening. Lending prominence to the message of the graph. "All-time high" a favoured suffix.

Alongside the care to attribute the source data. Smallprint nicely placed bottom-left.

The latter 'futures' half begins with another mantra; Twitter 2.0 The Everything App.

How long this lasts as a clarion call, and its success in the wildly dropping half-life decay of the web, who knows. Yet being front and centre there can be no ambiguity as to what the desired direction is.

Six features are chosen to prop up this vision grandiose. A natural limit to how many we should introduce?

There remains a third 'half' not revealed. And that's the what-happens-next. The CTA. The headline, plan and purpose you aim to have all coalesce around. With how it'll be tested, agreed upon and developed. To bring that ever essential legacy.

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