Vernal Deal Phenology

Since Citizen Science – or in its current form, ‘crowdsourced data’ – began almost 300 years ago, I learn you can spot that over more recent times, Spring has been moving. Each decade it pushes back 2½ days.

The recording of when Spring arrives in England 2018, shows this trend remarkably amplified. Horse Chestnuts bloom 32 days later than last year. Bluebells 39 days later. Most astonishing, possibly due to sub-Saharan bad weather preventing normal migration, swallows landed 67 days later.

This is part of phenology. “The study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life”.

I couldn’t help but think there’s a Sales parallel.

As for when the first buds appear on oaks, so the first bud of a deal forms.

What are the signs of an emergent bid?

Which problem is known? What type of role is being vexed by it? When is a buzz trend taken on board?

Triggers exist. Can you spot the ones which herald a potential bid could commence?

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