Video Call Checklist Listicle

'Tis the season to be jolly. So I shall make a festive concession.

You cannot distil video meeting best-practice into the clickbait style '12 Ways To Ensure Awesome Video Calls That Sell' rundown.

The ability to shape truly distinctive, enjoyed and valued Sales video meetings is so much broader and deeper than such approach allows.

The mindset necessary - a cultural commitment to reconfiguring, adapting, iterating prospect engagement - is not best conveyed through these types of lists.

So I shan't offer such.

Instead - and deliberately leaving some explanations hanging - here's an advent of twelve mini-tips that alone will start to elevate your video performance, the results that follow, and the clients that see you as the best.

  1. Question-as-Purpose rubric
  2. Send pre-work
  3. Adopt the Rembrandt pose for yourself, as opposed to gun-barrel straight-on news anchor
  4. Elevate your webcam
  5. Know how and when to use physical clipboard/whiteboard/sticky-notepad with thick markers on hand
  6. Curate apt backdrop signals
  7. Use piece of physical engagement, such as gauge tank
  8. Practice and build on winning hand signs and gestures
  9. Spend time on your single image that sells (often with progressive disclosure)
  10. Make note of every question
  11. Take a vote
  12. Explicitly restate conclusion reached and share it

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