Video Sales Calls To Zing Like A Forever Home

Zoom learning won’t make you a designer. That is a skill – and a talent. “But it will make you approach things differently and become more resourceful. It’s empowering.”

This citation above is from the final para of a piece on a recent HR retiree, who learned how to make her 'golden years' living space a perfect 'forever home' that 'didn't look like a pair of 60-year olds lived there'.

Swap out the label 'designer' from it, for any phrase you fancy that encapsulates 'instant solution selling winner over video'.

The title of the article leans on the fact that her chosen plan had to have 'zing'.

As do our video calls in the eyes of our prospects.

Approaching video meetings differently, alongside becoming more resourceful with them, will absolutely empower you. And invigorate your audience of potential buyers too.

You can draw useful parallels between this silver stylist and our selling ambitions. Consider certain points from these half-dozen of her learnings:

we discussed what we wanted to achieve/how we wanted the space to work for us
It is startling when invited onto a selling video meeting, how seldom I witness an opening occurring that truly nails what success will look like when done.

how to work with an architect [aka, business partner/supplier]
You ever paused to ask your prospect how they like to conduct video business? And then even better, asked them if they'd like to try out/adapt a new trick or two in your shared video meetings?

shed chromophobia
I had to look this up. It means an intense fear of colours, usually of one colour in particular. Zoomophobia is likely a common complaint nowadays. Yet given that we're here looking at a specific type of call - or call behaviour - it might be worth knowing what it is that switches people off the most. And steadfastly avoid it yourself.

designing storage
Just as old homes didn't seem to build in enough cupboards, new meetings over video could do with alternatives to lazily/mistakenly progressing as little more than a phone call with 2-D pics of the assembled participants on-screen.

how to energise a plain room
Meeting energisers. There's long been many a lengthy treatise written on these. Over video, they are different to in-person. They needn't be tacky either. There's plenty of ways to get people moving, gesticulating, engaging that keeps them focused and fizzing.

it’s fine to mix your old vintage stuff with new pieces
Just because a sales technique was in vogue back in 2019 does not mean it must be automatically discarded today. Back in those heady days, I often stood up next to a flip chart pad and easel, sometimes with a second camera, for instance. Not all 'old' methods need to be thrown out wholesale.

Yes, I've bent some of these around a new context for sure. But the theme remains.

Within these six alone there's a gem that will genuinely make your video selling also zing.

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