Splash Graph Inflation

Yes, the duly labelled 'cost-of-living crisis' can be felt by all through rising daily prices.

The above imagery was today's webpage splash of London broadsheet The Telegraph. Leading to a piece [sub'n req'd] citing a trio of graphs under the following headings;

Producer prices are still soaring :: It’s not just food and energy :: Another huge energy price cap increase is coming

Of presentation note, is how this visual lends itself to a template for a type of our sales slides.

Back in March, I also noted the same publisher's technique in this regard. Using the inflation issue too, as it happened.

For our uses, the chart can take up a larger slice of screen real-estate though.

The use of big headline with summary sideline/explainer/context can also work well as placed above. Alongside adding underneath your couple of extra, related, spin-off bullets as well.

Of separate yet pivotal interest, are the alignment for pitching solutions we can seek here. Consumer price inflation heading into double-digits for the first time in four decades cannot be a good thing. Profit squeezes. Buyers worry. Purchasing stalls.

Whilst so-called 'core inflation' may be calculated at 'only' 6.2pc right now;

"Input costs for producers are 18.6pc higher than a year ago, while output costs – the ‘factory gate’ prices being paid by wholesalers – are 14pc higher."

Increases apparently still being absorbed, yet to be passed on to consumers.

Can any business swallow such cost swelling?

14pc is around a seventh. That'd wipe out GP of many an operation.

Several questions follow for us then.

Must we devise 'renegotiations' to an equivalent shave (or radical slash) from off our supply? If possible, then what are the numbers behind how much margin would be cannibalised set against that lost by cancellation?

Where does our solution free up 14pc of otherwise-spent cash elsewhere? What are they spending 7 on which we can bring down for them to 6?

And in those rare cases where procurement pros are less cost-obsessed, how do the productivity improvements we unleash or revenue avenues we unlock re-balance this potentially lost 7th from their top-line?

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