Visiting Their Flagship Store

Preparation. Or lack of it. Especially when it’s a deal killer.

We’ve all got these stories.

Even if we pride ourselves on always doing our “research” before that pivotal first meeting.

In the days immediately prior the web – yes, solution selling did take place in such a darkened epoch – I remember reading through countless sector magazines, poring over news archive microfiche and asking around as many industry veterans as would deign to return my calls. In the pursuit of that vital nugget of info that’d hopefully help set me apart.

Today, you’d think it’d be so much easier. All the background you’d ever hope to need surely a mere fingertap away.

Yet salespeople still turn up to meetings – that defining first meeting no less – without so much as a glance at a single webpage.


Recently I was in just such a precall scenario. Finding the company’s website a touch vacant, I found a smattering of surface youtubes. Then a friend gave me a crucial steer on what was their current major push and thankfully intel flooded through that freshly unlocked, now ajar window.

Said friend also shared with me their biggest cringe on the outdated yet alive rock-up-and-wing-it front.

When visiting a famous wholesaler to pitch a hotly launched range, the buyer enquired whether they’d been around their flagship store. Situated next door to the warehouse.

They had not.

End of.

As you can imagine. A situation from which recovery is nigh on impossible.

Let your prep not lack in such regard.

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