What Diplo Does

I really ought be too old to enjoy this. The latest self-deprecating celeb mockumentary. Which doesn’t even seem to feature The Hoff. It’s about “superstar DJ”, Diplo. The result is almost Spinal Tap for today’s electronic dance music poplets; What Would Diplo Do?

You could write a few sales blogs on how Diplo tries to sell ideas. But for now, I focus rather on the opening preshow warning. It appears courtesy of broadcaster, Viceland.

My giphy above is a slightly remixed version. Their original work being perfectly rapid-fired, so I thought for considered blog treatment, tempered and brought out bookends would aid explanation of what could well be sales presentation best-practice.

You’ve got a whole big bunch of block text.

Who cares who it is that insists on the full War & Peace. Maybe its Marketing, Legal or any other so perceived sales-prevention department. It doesn’t matter.

You can turn it into an opportunity to deliver a sales message punch.

Just like for Diplo and his “mature language”, can you boil your given mass of prose into a simple word or two?

You don’t even need fancy animation to make it slide-ready. Only the wordy and the unwordy, one after the other, are needed.

As an aside, I also like the rolling fruit machine or airport board clicker style of the title sequence (again, quickly altered for impact);

As my generation will know, here’s how this got done back in the day. Harry Enfield’s 90s “household-name” DJ, Dave Nice. In an actual video warning of the time take-off (as done by *ew* Simon Bates). Feels tame now, left wishing he’d have gone further. Much further…

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