Wall of Wine Penetration Possibility

London wine journalist Victoria Moore sums up wine aisle angst well when shopping;

"The phrase “wall of wine” was coined long ago to describe the impenetrable feel of a display of bottles in a shop. Because where do you start? Without pulling the cork or unscrewing the cap, it’s impossible to know which of them are any good."

She then runs through a list of traits that influence any eventual selection. With no implied order, here's ten;

origin, grape, label design, alcoholic strength, price, star rating, taste description, recommendation, in-store promotion tags, on-bottle competition medal stickers.

She goes on to describe a current industry attempt to simplify all this. It boils this century's ubiquitous NPS drives and five-smileys Likert scale selections down to a sole question;

“Would you buy this again?”

Whilst in early days of appraisal, apparently 'the jury is out' on this at the moment. Yet regardless of its eventual beneficial retail adoption or otherwise, ought we not ensure an affirmative response to this question is what we might strive for with our customers?

Perhaps it's our marketing cousins domain? Maybe we have our own customer service or customer success line-up? Or are we cultivating an account or territory the sustainable growth of which may well be dependent upon us bringing this out explicitly for ourselves?

One angle which intrigues me, is the non-personal.

It is squarely product focused.

Not would you buy from 'us', or even 'me', but 'this'.

Perhaps that suggests scope for asking on all three?

Relative to the company, product and individual salesperson.

Also remembering to capture (multiple, ranked?) 'reason codes' for whichever binary answer given.

As well as those pesky don't-know/possiblys. Although anyone that cannot provide a naturally prompt and happy response is an alert all of its own.

In the end, conversationally collecting all the reasons why buyers would indeed 'do it again' will add appreciably to your pitch options.

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