We Absolutely Do

Here’s an exchange I witnessed in a coffee shop.

customer: do you sell that handwash in the bathroom?

waitron: I think we do. And I think it might be around $9.

customer: okay, it’s very good [awkward pause] bye then…

The owner overheard this too. She instantly took the waitron aside and said this.

next time say, “we definitely do and it’s $9 – would you like one?”

Given the two different varietals on show, she could also have sculpted a cheeky old school alternative close, to tag on the end.

“Which you prefer, the grapefruit or lime?”

I appreciate this was a retail environment, yet this principle also applies in b2b sales, yes? Someone asks if you do something, you should be right on it. And be able to test commitment levels or interest accordingly as well. If you were asked something similar this very minute, could you…?

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