We Need Change

I posted this to insta yesterday. Then sensed it merits fuller exploration.

A ticket office request at a provincial England train station.

One reflection of mine notes that with the Longest Day (or Night, depending on your hemisphere) having just slipped by, could the imminent start of what counters of beans like to call H2 offer apposite timing to consider afresh 'change' we may need?

Another rumination being that we seem ever happy to entertain the notion of often fanciful resolutions as a year begins. So why not revisit and re-invigorate these, as it were, at half-time?

Then there's the power of the object itself; change.

I've always had the tendency to be a change obsessive.

For instance, I felt it important to write an essay on the construct for the postface of my book, 101 Diagrams That Sell.

In the case of the railway poster above, it may well neatly serve as launchpad for discussion with a prospect on the matter.

Where are they on the continuum? Their present stance on any of the trusted cycles that exist mapping out the process of change.

If indeed, they are consciously anywhere on it at all.

Do they share in its headline contention?

Are they also, in classic English understatement, 'a bit short of it today'?

And if so, then what's their equivalent of an 'exact fare' that may help move things more smoothly forward?

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