Welcome Pack

During an informal discussion with one of my customers, the often thorny issue cropped up of how goodwill and momentum can sometimes ebb, despite the best intentions, slipping through the cracks between salesperson and deliverer.

I mentioned Welcome Packs as one way of lengthening any honeymoon period. I instantly recalled only 2½ times when such a rare approach had been deployed, yet all with aplomb.

One involved a BMW dealership that commissioned a couple of hundred quid’s worth of really cool black leather accessories, such as document folder and washbag, all with their logo attached in classy silvery metal.  They felt convinced it helped gain them vital on-going service and maintenance business.

Then there was the property agent that, after I bought a pad through them, gave me a bag with assorted goodies that you might need as you moved into a new place (fresh fruit and flowers, quality mags, luxury loo roll).

And I also recalled how, after an initial 3-day intensive induction for two new charges a fair few years back, their enthusiasm by the end of the first week impressed me so much, that I bought them a few things too that Friday lunchtime (posh pen, decent mug, book on sales) and they were bowled over (although they claimed they’d never wear the England rugby top I got them as one was All Black, the other a Bok!).  They both produced quality work throughout their tenure.

We agreed that although it would take a bit of effort to plump for an appropriate, reasonably priced, type of gift, the gesture would be well worth it down the line.  What would go in your Welcome Pack?

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