What Apple Music Bid For Latest Domination Tells Your New Product Launch

applemusic freefirst3months wwdc2015

I’m no “streamer”, yet it’s not possible to have missed Apple’s bid for ownership of the sector this week.

Will it prove more successful than their 2010 attempt to smother competition through a disastrous ‘social’ music project?

Today they launch Apple Music. A trio of solution sales pointers flowed.


The merits or otherwise of an introductory promotion that gathered such scathing coverage is an interesting one.

In their case, poplet Taylor Swift quite correctly campaigned against their outrageous trial period. Apple decreed her and fellow artists fund Apple’s incentive for evaluation listeners. Plain wrong.

Whilst our solution arena launch offers may not ever get quite so contentious, it is a reminder to fully understand the value all round of what you provide when sculpting reward for your earliest buyers.


My above screenshot is of the actual launch event slide.

Minimalism to match their external design ethos.

Just logo and offer.

Although you do chuckle at the huge ‘Free’ above tiny small-print ‘First 3 months’.


The best learning from the affair comes from the first words spoken on the Beats One radio stream as it began 30 June.

Cueing up its first track, Kiwi Zane Lowe gave a few words explaining his choice (a little known Manchester indie outfit). Speaking so fast I almost missed it, they included;

“it’s not about fanfare.

[That’s] fireworks and hangover the next day.

It’s about quality and consistency”

These are words that should be plastered on the wall of every solution sell b2b new product launch team and salesforce.

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