What Are You Into?

Indeed, the days of asking people, “So, what do you do?” might finally be over. Maybe we’re moving a little closer to something more like, “So, what do you do outside of work? What are you into?”

This is a concluding paragraph from a column riffing on the latest 'quiet quitting' manifestation; the allure of the #lazygirljob. Writer Daisy Jones apparently believing a life following your passion is now "practically impossible". Suggesting you can instead aspire "to fill out a few boring spreadsheets for a nice little pay package and holiday leave".

I accept that devotion to someone else's cause is not necessarily a viable path to fulfilment. Think of deepisms around decades before becoming memes, such as 'if I was a street cleaner, my street would be the cleanest street in town', which I feel slightly misdirecting. Whilst the agency-less, pride-absent, inescapable victimhood thrust of the piece is certainly not one to which I can subscribe, there is merit in applying a life-viewing lens over any job obsessed one when introduced to a prospect colleague for the first time.

For as I have blogged on before, I absolutely concur that the days really have long been over of asking the, in many ways pathetic, 'so, what do you do?'

With the suggestion above, 'what are you into?' being potentially a tad too directly personal for a first-time opener, does though feel along the right lines.

Fancy a more Enterprise Sales alternative, then here's a trio I myself have used. Almost anything away from the normcore would do...

how do you spend your time?
what project you working on right now?
which little part of the world are you looking to change?

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