What Does Rory Sutherland Think Is Of Central Importance to B2B in '23?

As he sets up himself, it is absolutely not; drone delivery, NFTs or the metaverse.

Rather, it is, he submits;

The fact that the world has discovered how to use video conferencing.
Not necessarily without a certain degree of duress.
But nonetheless people fundamentally are familiar with this technology.
I think this is much, much more important over the next 3 to 5 years than anything in the metaverse, or anything that might be dreamed up in terms of, you know, selling strange pictures of gorillas or whatever it may be through virtual tokens.
And I think that's of central importance to B2B.

His remarks were part of a 90sec clip promoting his "course for disruption optimists + opportunists". It's worth seeing his inimitable style for yourself. Do something similar over sixty seconds, and you've half a template for a winning way to set up Sales video calls of your own.

His further context was an impending 'reinvention and renaissance' in B2B interaction in general. Sparked not just by more videolinking, but by more appropriate video meetings between clients and suppliers.

As the first person to comment on his discount promo wrote;

So true about video conferencing...no going back.

The point about this for us solution sellers, is how few of our kind get this. The rest seem happy to swill in denial.

They feel videoing restricts them. They sense video calls seldom achieve what they want them to. They believe their prospects don't like them much, either.

The stick is that they are firmly in the camp of 'unconscious incompetents'. Trying to Canute the tide back, but unlike that King, not knowing it cannot be tamed. Nor realising that the future arrived, yesterday, and usage right now is akin to where any other transformative technology was when first introduced, with game changing evolution set to rip.

The carrot is that it is absolutely not too late to get on board. And you don't need to become a tech whizz to make hay. There's so many little tweaks you can pursue, both strategic and tactical, which will have an incredibly large impact on results.

This is the year to make that happen, outstrip your competition and add a central new stack to your own skillset.

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