What Kind Of Deal You Looking For?

An old-hand relayed to me their experience of meetings snagged by unending tech talk.

When a buyer and vendor with a technical bent go ever deeper into and longer around the intricacies of the bid it usually spells disaster.

If not a sibling then certainly a cousin of Happy Ears, the devil really can be in the details. The more you unravel them, the more likely you hit a stumbling block. Unnecessarily so too. As in reality any newly flagged ‘issue’ was never a legitimate barrier anyway.

When everyone seems perfectly content, you should move on. Sharp.

Yet the nous to cut short the techs-and-specs chat is alarmingly sparse.

it does what it says on tin, you need to know more?

Then cut right to the nub.

what kind of deal you looking for?

There exists a point at which the scientifics are addressed to satisfaction. Go beyond that and you risk any momentum you may have set in motion stutter. Slowed down, and maybe even to a standstill or worse, reverse. Know when to draw a line and progress.

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