What's Your Epithet?

I wonder if the first name English schoolchildren hear featuring an epithet is Ethelred The Unready?

So junior classroom friendly.

There are surprisingly few such monikers in the collective canon.

Overwhelmingly reserved for those long gone once lording it over their proletariat. Whether by 'god' or sword.

Lately we've suffered the spectre of a modern-day murderous corrupt despot. Trying to recapture supposed glory days of Peter The Great.

Although notable exceptions thankfully exist.

Chief among them perhaps the second such encountered by young students of English Lit; The Bard.

I now learn there are certain types of these.

Cognomen and mononym where a single word refers to someone. Which could be a descriptor or part of their name.

There's examples from my lifetime which prove strangely sticky. The Iron Lady, The Purple One, or even The Donald.

Long back in 2009, I blogged on something similar. Via Your Collective Noun;

Your Collective Noun
Picture the scene. You’re in an internal sales team meeting and people aremoaning. Product, marketplace, environment, marketing, competition, support,pricing, production, commissions. Take your pick. You know you shouldn’t getinvolved, but the herd mentality kicks in and the downward spiral d…

Which makes you wonder, if you had such an epithet in the buying mind, what would your clients think it to be? Would you want to own it?

There's plenty of worthy choices for us today.

The Fixer. The Magician. The Diligent.

VFM. The Career Accelerator. Right-First-Time.

Distinctive. Understanding. Results.

Nine random ideas to hopefully open the book on endless possibles.

Which you may then expand say, to cover both your company overall, or product or team theme.

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