What's Your Prospect's Caribou?

In keeping with authorities around the globe, from the end of March, Canada’s Yukon territory government issued social distancing guidance to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Unlike elsewhere though, their relabeled ‘physical distancing’ efforts were deemed a social media “sensation“.

This is because they went further than merely drumming home the actual distance.

They injected touches of local humour. Illuminating their two-metre/six-feet space through comparative analogy.

Above shows their first image; stay one caribou apart.

Followed up later with huskies, ravens and sourdough loaves. (In multiples of 2, 4 & 8. If you were wondering….)

The cyberverse rushed to add their own comic takes on the numbers of alternative measures that may also apply.

From trumpeter swans to Star Wars kit, a cord of wood to beer growlers.

Subsequent UK comparisons of what constitutes a safe two metre distance were a little less meme ready; 1 bed, 2 benches, 3 fridges, 4 chairs.

Still, there is a decent Sales message here.

What represents a treasured figure for your prospect?

Any benefit you seek to bring – or bane you will banish – has a value, right?

In politics, you often see such big public spend amounts distilled into numbers of something perceived to be important to voters. Police walking the beat, nurses on the wards, teachers in classrooms.

Can you do the same for your eventual client?

Where does any equivalent sit?

A first-run idea would be a major account, product set or sector revenue stream that they hold dear.

But it could embrace their purchase side too. Covering any decent budget category.

Whichever you choose, make sure it’ll be thought-provoking, memorable, actionable.

And try and shape your solution being embraced as a multiple of your own caribou.

In an almost tenuous rather than tangential postscript, I was reminded of this view from an American pr exec three years ago to help your sales creativity flow;

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