Shortening Your BAU Horizon

American chief beansters apparently shifted their #bau stance this past month.

‘Business as Usual’ thought to push back rather from mainly inside three months (see their starting point at foot), to now instead more like between three and twelve.

It kind of feels like one in ten CFOs have retreated their near term horizon slot.

Just over a quarter seem to think the vaunted bounce-back V recovery will be closer to a U shape too.

Americans, remember, are supposedly the world’s most optimistic of clan.

Which begs the question, where are we on our b2b, commercial, solution selling BAU horizon?

When do those that can and could buy from us consider they’ll be back to whatever the new normal might be?

And crucially, how do they see their path to this place of relief.

I fear there are set to be far too many that embark without a plan.

‘Wait and see’ will surely not suffice.

Inaction as a policy roundly obliterated by those in action.

It makes me wonder whether one of the great sales openers might be amended.

Can ‘how can I help you be more awesome’ be replaced with ‘how can I help you quicker return to business as usual’?

Is this fit to be part of your imminent BAU plan?


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