Dublin Dodge

As lockdown begins to ease, there’s a mandatory quarantine period proposed for anyone crossing the border into Britain from early June. To boos and jeers from all manner of transport and tourism. Dismissed by friends of the travel sector as a “3 week wonder”, July the 1st is from when they plan to resuscitate their livelihoods.

Due to the whole British Isles being so historically entwined, the CTA Common Travel Area of Ireland and the UK remains intact. Meaning people could conceivably fly into the Southern part of the island of Ireland, then seamlessly progress on to the UK without check. Without compulsory self-isolation.

A move delightfully dubbed by the press, The Dublin Dodge.

How many in reality will do so? A confection of anti-ruling party self-entitled media opinionistas? If so, in a way does the ‘fix’ exposé help cement the government’s perhaps main aim, of preventing covid-spreading international arrivals?

Still, whichever way you lean in the political breeze (more like howling gales four years running now) such ‘ingenious’ alternative ways of achieving something apparently verboten is likely to become a big part of our post-coronavirus Sales creativity.

Whilst this particular example involves circumventing a barrier, overcoming less oppressive obstacles power the daily energy of the problem-solving salesperson.

Answers are known by many labels.

In software, the knowledge of the workaround was essential. How to run a command or report that did not have its own explicit run button. In my selling youth, these were known affectionately by trying to reclaim more an original sense of ‘wriggle’ from a potentially naughty word; frig.

The contemporary evolution sees such strives springboard from breaking into computer system mythology and elevated to pioneering hero status; the hack.

Innovation comes in many levels. From switching to a new screen to pivoting to a radical entirely new business model. What is coming will require serious workaround mentality.

There’s a palpable feeling we’ll need different methods for getting our customers where they’d want (need) to be throughout the rebound.

How can you fly them in from Dublin?

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