When A Cargument Can Be Good For A Prospect

I do like my pop culture.

If there is a conversation piece water coolers lap up, it is the latest new word.

Neologisms. As the grammar police would term them. (I’ve blogged on these marvels a few times over the years). They’re often a winner. Many times, they are a portmanteau. Coined from a couple of existing ones mashed up.

And so this week’s gentle newsjack is the mainstream appearance of the ‘cargument’.

Couples, it seems, argue more in the car than anywhere else. It’s all to do with the confined space and being forced to conform to someone else’s world view, apparently. Choice of directions, music or radio and driving style readily turn the air tense.

A knowing rolling of eyes the world over.

If I was doing a prospect presentation over the next few days, I’d try and make myself memorable bandwagoning this meme.

Thinking about arguments in the car leading to c-ar-gument made me realise how easy other new words along the same lines would be to make up.

They might sound rubbish initially, but they too could get a good message across in a cool way.

So I got to thinking about solution sell scenarios.

Customers love a simple implementation. They are scared of anything else. Simplementation anyone?

With a smile on your face, as a single word on a slide it could work.


Looks better written than spoken though, still, surely preferable to a limp implementation, or limplementation, right?!

Other ideas that came to me right away involved thinking of our commonplace concepts; reduce or raise.

Could shreduction help your audience better envisage the huge savings you’ll unleash? Would twincrease let the concept of extra money coming from two sources stick?

Pick your forum wisely of course, but an idea here lies within of which you might just be proud. Or should that be a pridea..?!

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