Which Moon Shines Through Your Funnel?

So Friday was a full moon. Nothing unusual there. Yet Friday the Thirteenth only sees a Full Moon rather rarely. Roughly every 14.3 years apparently. The last was October 2000 yet the next is way off in August 2049.  So in June it is even rarer. 1919 saw the last, with another not due until 2098. So this Friday gone was quite a day for the superstitious and lunar-alert.

Reading online excitement about this event happening right now, I was intrigued to learn the myriad names for various full moons.

Many cultures attach meaning to different moon appearances.

I instantly saw a neat way of assessing your pipeline leaning on these.
Especially useful for taking an occasional different view of your funnel.

The present rarity happens at the time of a Honey Moon. So called because of its proximity to the Northern Summer Solstice and its supposedly golden tint. Also from where the phrase “honeymoon” derives, the time at which the moon – and so your relationship – is at its brightest.

Perhaps you could assess your deals for this Honey factor for instance. Which bids are where you are similarly at your strongest?

Options aplenty abound. Here’s a few to give you a flavour of how to adapt this to your next forecast review:

Black moon – for February when it has no full moon, akin to a deal that is never likely to come in

Blood moon – first full moon after Harvest moon also known as Hunters moon, and so reminiscent of a real juicy win in the offing, maybe like a key competitor oust or even a new product foothold

Blue moon – possibly the most well-known and apparently refers to the third moon when a season has a fourth to come, so at 7 times in 19 years, another infrequent occurrence; maybe like your once a year, cream-on-top, quota-busting defining deal?

Oak moon – a sturdy wood December colour for its moon, so perhaps a deal that’s going to make your period-end
number happen

Anyway, something to spice up an upcoming forecast review session and add an entertaining new perspective to it.

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