Wholesaler Lock-In Mechanisms

A pal of mine is a purchasing expert. I know. How could I possibly cavort with the enemy πŸ™‚ and even more amazingly, he was once a rep.

We chatted about what people involved in a particular project I was working on (helping to ensure sales of cotton-related products) could do to create a more resilient supply chain. This was especially pertinent as demand outstrips supply, thus raising the power of input suppliers.

I noted that many of the elements he talked about could be readily adapted for a kind of wholesale environment. Here’s a brief list that could well trigger ideas for ways in which anyone selling can tie-in their customers closer:

  • Consignment stock
  • Bar code labelling
  • Utilising customer stock reference numbers over manufacture references
  • Blending supplier with customer system and processes
  • Single monthly invoicing
  • Rebate rewards
  • Invoice settlement benefit
  • Purchase card pre-authorised expenditure
  • Project pricing/invoicing
  • Contractor packs
  • Mod kits
  • Pre-assemblies

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