Who's It Aimed At?

This is a cracking nugget, captured from an author.

We’ve all heard typical pr guff at book (or movie or tv show or album) launch.

Eye-rolls galore follow, as the interviewer asks the simple, yet fiendish, ‘what’s that about, then’?

What tends to transpire – in virtually every single case – is that said ‘artiste’ begins a life-sucking monologue. They tell you how wonderful it truly is. Possibly accompanied with just how much you’ll definitely enjoy partaking yourself. All whilst merely narrating along the surface.

Detailed description, predominantly factual, about characters, genres, plots, sounds. All lacklustre ‘feature’. Bereft of sparkling ‘benefit’ (let alone the cherished ‘value’).

So I spat out the old cocoa (for what else could I possibly be sipping at night-time) when I heard a lady when asked this very trope, respond quick-as-a-flash with;

“Well, it is aimed at …”

I instantly applauded inside.

Such relief.

I thought back on my vast vault of experiences where I’d heard salespeople trapped in this most public of traps.

It is so close to describing the ‘problem’ (in golden circle Start With Why ways) which you’re looking for people to exhibit (whether they know they have it or not) that it makes for an excellent starting phrase. She continued;

“Well, it is aimed at people interested in ….”

Which in our world could almost be taken word for word as an intro.

As she’s pushing her book, the setting out of the central premise will clearly converge from our language. Nonetheless, you can hopefully see the rising dawn sun of winning Sales parallel;

“Well, it is aimed at people interested in politics but have never really worked in it ….”

And out she trots out a ten-second summary. No narrative, solely theme and takeaways.

Strikes me as an excellent mini-task. Whether starting/during an internal Meet or when say, travelling alone.

So, who exactly is your wonderful product aimed at?

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