Why Did I Choose This

This blog post title is that of a recently released 'art pop' album. A track from which contains said lyric, which for some reason hit my feeds.

In the ᴘʀ words of the English artist; “The album takes you on a journey of escapism, but comes back to the fact we are sort of stuck in the reality we are in. It is both a dream and a nightmare.”

I caught a view of this jammed reality from the promo vid of his single, Blue Dreams.

Up top is the scene which grabbed me.

It struck me as a spot-on zeitgeist location for a newish go-getting enterprise. The bare distressed walls chic. The converted railway arch vibe. The post-industrial warehouse lines of the fixtures and fittings.

Oh, and the slapdash thought gone into the whiteboard.

Of the 'let's just type whiteboard into any online office supplies site and take the second-cheapest' variety.

If there is one redeeming feature to this centrepiece, then at least you could place it alongside and slightly behind you when on a video call.

But consider more what's written.

Too small to accurately depict the type of informal training gee-up it tries to ape. Only one word in caps. Only a single colour marker pen used. Only text, no 'shapes'.

The (un-headed) seven bullet points;

  1. Trust Your MANAGER
  2. Stick to the script
  3. Always upsell
  4. Handle objections carefully but fiercely
  5. Teamwork is the dreamwork
  6. If your coworkers are slacking off - report them. Your manager will help them.
  7. Never pass the customer to the manager

Anyone with experience of such impromptu telesales 'support' will also look on and wonder on behalf of the person whose viewpoint is the camera's, 'why did I choose this'.

From time to time you do enjoy the occasional glimpse caught of our world as interpreted in a pop music video.

I also thought you could use this as an idea sparker for your team too. What would they suggest as their owned alternative?

Suffice to say, if telesales you know are subjected to this kind of listing, then you must step in. As although the example here is stage-dressed satire, I can guarantee somewhere, it is mistakenly being produced right now, masquerading as motivational help.

Let them know instead why, in fact, they - and their 'customers' - are 'happy to have chosen this'.

bonus spot
Also this week, from a latest video by Canadian rapper/singer colossus, Drake. Featuring an intro skit with depiction of a possible boiler room or call-centre type workplace. I've filter-brightened up the "interim manager" office as headsetted occupant gets back to his gaming. ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ's ʙᴇsᴛ ᴅᴏɢ & ɢᴏᴀᴛ indeed. For video calls, could you lift that screen height just a smidge though?

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