Wood For The Trees

I witnessed a test the other day at the hands of a wiley old rep. “Look out the window and say what you can see”, he said.

So, you’re in New York, you see skyscrapers.

But then you look closely. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies scattered around rooftops. Chill out areas where people can pop outside, escape from Wall St, sit down and chat.

There’s even a wooden model biplane at the end of a load astroturf on top of 77 Water St. Runway 77 scored into the green.

When all these are revealed to you, the punchline goes something like,

you could look at this view for ages and not see any of that – it just shows how you have to be to see the wood for the trees

What could you be missing seeing on a familiar sales view of your own?

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