Woop Prospect Goal Setting

WOOP is the goal setting framework of psychology professor Gabriele Oettingen.

It is interesting from our Sales perspective in part because it offers a possibly door-prising alternative prism for getting into the heart of prospect ambitions. Always a winner when we aim to uncover where they are trying to go.

The classic in this field is SMART. The well-known mnemonic criteria being; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant/Realistic & Time-Bound/Related.

This can be a useful secret theme when asking prospects how their immediate future is shaping up.

We always need to know what their goals are. Any bid that blends snuggly with overall direction is the one more likely to succeed. Especially without putting up barriers by using the more formal language of the subject. This quintet allows for simpler and so hopefully more revealing enquiries.

What specifically is the aim for you here?
How do you want to measure that?
How will it be achieved (alternatively; who is setting out to achieve this)?
What’s your feeling on what will emerge as having been done?
By when is progress hoped for?

Perhaps WOOP offers syntax that is less prone to be spotted by the savvy prospect? Standing as it does for; Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan.

The creator herself suggests this is also a ‘coaching’ model and self-regulating tool. Reading through her notes, these forms of words for us in the field come to mind:

How big is the wish here (or something prioritising; what on the wish-list matters most)?
What is the best outcome sought?
Which obstacles may loom (note for lovers of the 2×2 these can be split by internal/external for seemingly surmountable/insurmountable)?
What plans are in place to control and overcome those obstacles?

Anything like this that builds trust can be our friend in the furnace of a discovery call with perhaps recalcitrant or merely cautious potential buyers.

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