Planetary Proportional Area Circle Chart Cue

Here’s a representation of parts of our solar system. [Pretty familiar treatment I’m sure, happily came across the other day again here].

The Sun, Earth and Jupiter are sized to scale. The distance in between is not. Jupiter is five-times farther away from the Sun than us.

This reminds us that we can show huge numbers on a chart. Specifically in an unusual, thought-provoking and memorable way.

Think of when/if our price tag requests are miniscule compared to overall budgets.

Or in comparison with sunk costs.

Or divergent costs that we will help eradicate. Such as wastage from errors we replace with fixes.

Can our price be as above, our not-so-pale blue dot of Earth? Dwarfed by a larger Jupiter? And even pulverised when set against a Sun?

We do not need to show a complete circle.

Also, seen those unit charts with just a tiny speck within for a one percent? Or a piechart with just a thin line from centre to edge signifying a similarly miniscule proportion?

Then just giving a glimpse of the way larger item can work visual wonders.

footnote – the palette used here comes via these neon options – note too other choices, as well as how they are presented, which could also make for an interesting template for a slide.

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