What's Your Potential Client's Sixth Sense?

“People do seem to have a sixth sense about integrity”

This is a line I read imploring salespeople to focus on being trusted by potential customers. As opposed to pushing their wares on a prospect.

It was worthy of pause to consider.

ESP is quite the concept on its own.

That mysterious, paranormal, subconscious ability to see what’s coming when not told beforehand. To read minds. To know without knowing.

Whilst they might not ‘see dead people’, as in the iconic 1999 movie The Sixth Sense, your prospects may well have a nose for when a project pitched to them will or won’t work.

A hunch for what will improve a situation. Make a difference. Define a career.

For a little levity, it struck me that it might well be worth using this as basis for a question.

“When it comes to finding solutions, what is your sixth sense?”

Then let the conversation unfold.

They too might channel ‘integrity’. Or instead gauge plausibility, smoothness or genuine partnership. They may even humblebrag about a famed ‘internal BS detector’.

If nothing else, you’ll uncover from where they think their key insight flows.

And with it, a key decision criteria trait on which to build.

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