You Refuse To Hear The Word

Credit crunch begets recession begets depression?  Hopefully not, but to watch rolling tv news channels, confusion becomes annoyance that they revel in such gloom and see negative growth as guaranteed prime time entertainment.  A client of mine was talking this morning about how absurd and wrong it was that people were apparently buying safes in droves.

He then recounted a fascinating insight into what makes a successful rep.  In the early 70s he was pounding pavements for the Yellow Pages business directory.  He got so fed up with plumbers, carpenters, butchers and bakers telling him about the recession and the end of the world which was the three-day week, that eventually he popped.  Each time he heard another moan, he simply said, ‘stop, I don’t want to hear the word, we’ve all just got to get on with it”.

He recalls now how everyone started digging up their gardens to plant their own veggies and how we all thought the tanks would roll in and we’d become part of Russia.  And look what happened… we survived and prospered.

A classic case of, rather than whinge about how bad it all is crying out ‘what can we do?’, the winners say ‘right, what we must do is this, that and these.”

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