Your 117-Times Trick

This was a recent headline that appeared on my newsfeeds.

The trick that’s 117 times better at saving the planet than reducing your flying

It was bizarrely from a broadsheet column about retirement planning.

Yet I thought it was a cracking piece of clickbait. (Opening paras at foot)

It naturally got me thinking. What’s the trick we offer our clients which is many times better than trying to soldier on in an alternative way?

And how much need this multiple be to properly entice?

Twice as much? Three times better? Tenfold? Or simply something like an extra 23%?

If you can calculate these for what you unleash, then you’ve likely got your own signbait there.

Investing your pension in an environmentally friendly way could have 117 times the impact of someone who limits themselves to one return flight a year.

This sustainable saver would also have 82 times as much effect on climate change as someone who takes the train instead of driving and 37 times that of someone who reduces their meat consumption to just one meal a week.

This is the conclusion of a report from the sustainable fund manager Nordea. According to its analysis, putting your pension in “green” investments could save 2,223 tonnes of carbon over your working life. By contrast, making just one return flight once a year would save 19 tonnes compared to the average emissions, ditching the car 27 tonnes and cutting down on meat 37 tonnes.

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