Your Carluccio MoFMoF

I was a fan of bubbly Italian telly chef Antonio Carluccio and his eponymous restaurants as soon as they appeared in London around two decades ago.

The large presence who single-handedly sought to improve upon what he dismissed as Britalian restaurant blandness.

With his sad passing aged 80, I heard him share what he considered his cooking motto;


Minimum of Fuss, Maximum of Flavour

I immediately related this to my own endeavours. In their most general sense, enabling salespeople to sell ‘more’. In so doing, simply swapping out that last ‘F’ of Flavour for Footprint.

Practically any sales enterprise could adapt this phrase to winning affect. Surely, as solution sellers, we hope to provide for a clients a minimum of effort for maximum of effect. Although that acronym of moemoe certainly lacks the pleasance of Carluccio’s Piemontese pronunciation of mofmof.

Then you could get clever perhaps. For those wishing to be near the crest of a wave, how about Minimum of Disturbance, Maximum of Disruption? Even more laterally, double-up on the disruption?

This also partly brought to mind the phrase often used in medicine; as much as necessary, as little as possible.

There’s plenty that building on this theme can bring you. Why not try riffing on it in his honour, sipping his favourite tipple. No, not Italian wine, but a single malt!

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