Your Cat-Poo-Chino

Encroaching towards the mists of marketing I know, but I couldn’t resist this story. I myself go out of my way to occasionally use the coffee house featured in this national Daily Mail article when in Birmingham. I’ve always found the staff a breath of fresh air in this usually stale arena.

The Urban Coffee Company currently offer a quartet of filter coffees. I’ve so far tried the Honduran, Brazilian & Ethiopian. They’re priced between £2.55 and £2.85 for a hearty sized cup. On Mondays they have a promotion. Any coffee and a muffin for £3.50. They don’t mention that their most expensive coffee is not included in said promo. Cue me always asking for it.

This coffee is Kopi Luwak. It’s dizzying caffeine buzz of a cost is £8.95. That’s over three times the rest. I’ve asked a couple of times if anyone’s recently ordered any. I’m told that orders come in every day. Some people they say, even drink it regularly, each time they go in.

Here’s a funny thing. When I’ve asked why it’s so dear, the answer has been that it’s because so little of it is made where it comes from (Indonesia). Then I learned from the Mail piece that the beans have passed through the gut of a cat.

Ew! No mention of the harvesting through cat poo by the “urbanistas”! Still rather than wonder if this is deliberate (and I think they miss a trick by not talking about as much of the mystic as they can, kitty and all) I instead applaud the extra menu option that’s so out of scale compared to other offerings.

I almost guarantee that every single regular will at one point try it. The (small) stock will all be sold and the talking point is PR heaven.

My main solution sales takeaway is that far too many a rep will baulk at talking about their highest price line on the list. Yet I’ve seen that the sellers that bring it to the attention of the buyer sell more. This can be for two chief reasons.

Firstly, they’ll fall across buyers that actually want it. Secondly, it makes then signing for something for a lesser amount psychologically easier.

What’s your “cat-poo-chino”, how do you pitch it and how often do you talk about it?


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