Your Hot Dog That Reduces Commission By 36 Each Time

Every hotdog eaten shortens life by 36 minutes

The unappetising headline that chomped up feeds courtesy of, ahem, “experts at the University of Michigan”.

Studying the impact of 6,000 foods (who knew?) they proposed a Health Nutritional Index. Mixing – wait for it – health and environmental hits.

Many journalists salivating at the press release were keen to point out early, the corollary that you could increase life expectancy.

Salmon gives you an extra 16 minutes a pop. A portion of nuts adding 26 minutes to your lifespan. Yet there’s also the credibility-busting suggestion of each peanut butter and jam sandwich adding to your clock too.

Following the humble hot dog to round out the public enemy top five are apparently; bacon, cheeseburger, fizzy pop and packaged snacks/bread.

The idea they promote appears to be a daily swap out one of the offenders for something healthier. You’ll then shave 200 calories a day off your eating. Feeling better for it all round too.

Hardly a new call. Interesting fresh packaging, though.

Whatever the true merits of this ‘science’, there does seem an intriguing Sales parallel.

The same thing could be said for money made or lost depending on choice of words used when selling.

A simple trio of opposing pairs could entail;

I – You / Invest – Spend / Lose – Gain.

Although for that last one I was tempted to cheekily put Lose – Lose Less.

This would only work in a specific situation.

After all, using the wrong wording can mean the whole deal goes south. Leaving you with a total loss.

Yet how you frame your marvel from the outset can generate expectation of later discount.

When you win a client, you want them to feel happy that they’ve paid a fair price for your solution. And that will surely include the premium your offering commands beyond other choices.

There’s no ‘looking at sharpening pencils later’. No accepting the cost of everything as its actual value. No commoditisation of your uniques.

Your pricing is your pricing for a reason. Never apologise for it. Don’t let your prospect fool you into eating the hotdog.

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