Your Passionate Motivated Excellent Best

A piece of lockdown pr by way of an online recruit shop.

Apparently surveying 562 UK hiring managers.

It seems there’s a list of words that switches them off.

Half or more questioned shudder to see these eight appear on candidate documentation;

best – motivated – dedicated – proven – reliable – passionate – excellent – enthusiastic

The word ‘best’ the bête noire for a staggering 76%.

It goes without saying, that any sales job hunter ought avoid these. As well as the pair rounding off their top ten most hated; great & hardworking.

There is another point to make away from the world of application forms and CVs.

What words are turning your potential buyers off right now?

You might even break these down into a handful of main categories.

Such as when trying to start a conversation, taking techie or on a general pitch.

Yet the above selection may indeed map directly onto sales collateral.

What buyer responds to your claim that you’re the ‘best’? That you are indeed ‘dedicated’ to their prosperity? Or Your team is ‘passionate’ about delivery?

The traditional way to avoid spouting your own vacuous platitudes, is to identify actions and results which demonstrate the kinds of bestnesses you may feel you provide.

Longest lasting, fastest returns, highest value realised, lowest issue levels, broadest choice paths.

Ably proven, reliable and excellent, right?

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