Who's In Your D-10?

The charade that is the UN is hamstrung.

By despotic regimes wielding their unjust power in the Security Council.

By evil machinations of bullies behind the scenes; how China has captured, neutered and co-opted the Human Rights Council should be reason enough to disband the whole shebang.

By the very fact that, just like the European Union, what starts out as a collaborative trading bloc talking shop always wants to become the over-arching governance of the whole population in nodding subservience.

Yet thankfully those guarding freedom move to fight back.

The D10 – pronounced d-ten – appears a grouping with a now more specific aim than any existing framework. The ‘D’ standing for ‘democracy’. Involving the world’s ’10’ largest genuinely free nations. The economic powers of the so-called G7 along with Australia, S Korea and India.

The latest push to enable alternatives for the monopolist IP-thieving and state-funded undercutting spyware of the Chinese Communist Party presently infiltrating and manipulating 5G comms infrastructure markets through Hauwei.

Let’s hope they make progress.

D10 strikes me as a decent name for a group of cohorts.

When looking at reducing risk with your own sphere’s version of mobile technology strangulation, this treatment may well prove useful.

Think of when you’ve a major change or policy to promote. Your prospect needs its own D10.

Are you shaping one?

Rather than people, could it be a prospect’s offices, divisions or subsidiaries?

Take their initial letter and the number of locales?

If your proposal has a single word, then add that initial too?

How many of the number do you need on-side? How do you know when one is so? What must you do to tip the balance in each?

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