Your Potential Buyer's Lodestar

Chuckle chuckle. My Boy Donny under fire, this time with an Administration insider bleating to an opposing paper.

The headline whizzed round the world. “I am part of the resistance”.

Whatever any degree of dysfunction, this anonymous writing triggered fevered speculation as to the author.

Tantalisingly “he” was described as a ‘senior White House official’.

Among the plentiful gag memes, one scribe detected a potential culprit by homing in on the one unusual word contained within the piece. This word being “lodestar”. Apparently used frequently – seven times at any rate – on record within one key person’s orations this decade. 

I knew the reference to a guiding principle, here it seems to also being joined with ‘ideals and aspiration’.

The point is that one (speechwriter’s) distinctive idiom was so quickly linked to someone specific.

Almost like a vocal trademark.

I’ve blogged before about how to own the language of a bid is to win the deal.

When you get to influence and shape the syntax used by your prospect you are definitely in.

I happily remember crafting special names for particular need situations to test buyer adoption. If they began to use the terms, we felt an edge emerge.

Thinking on this case, it could be that any unusual word that becomes associated with you and gets repeated prospect-side might well prove a winner. A helpful distinguishing factor. So long as the word isn’t too ‘clever’, ‘fancy’ or plain ‘big’.

Can you provide a selling lodestar of your own?

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