Your Three Populations

Karol Sikora – waving goodbye above – has been a star across the airwaves. Particularly for all those desperate to hear ‘the science’ transparently debated by grownups. A welcome, measured riposte to the irrefutable, cut-and-dried, we-know-best hypotheses omnipresent from MSM.

When zooming in from his above darkened room at home, he used the following summation.

When at medical school all those years back, he was taught that when an infection emerges, there are three distinct groups that make up the population to consider;

the susceptible,

the immune (through natural or vaccine immunity), &

the infected.

His discussion went on to suggest how you plan for each section accordingly.

On this scale, how many countries come out well for doing so, either with aplomb or at all?

Moving away from coronavirus, does a useful crossover reveal itself in solution selling?

I wonder if there’s a view of competitor manoeuvres to draw.

Now, I am compelled to say that I am not a fan of focusing on your competition.

The way I was brought up selling, you never mention them.

The deal is about how well you fit the prospect needs. Not anyone else.

There are though those who at the one end, obsess over, at the other, seek security from, knowing where any opposing pitcher may be lurking prospectside.

Competition on their radar throughout a bid.

In which case, would this trio of tags provide an element of simple political mapping?

Especially where you’re in a one-v-one fight.

We might need to amend the terms, to get slightly away from negative medical connotations.

Who inside your target account is currently in thrall to your competitor?

Who may well be swayed or in danger of coming around to their viewpoint?

And who is minded to be wholeheartedly behind us?

There’s only three options.

A fourth removed by dint of having anyone not definitely in our or their camp leaning towards us.

But if you like, you can construct a simple continuum on which to plot these too.

At each pole, those firmly, steadfastly behind either proposal.

Then in-between, a mark for each personality at play for where they stand along the spectrum.

Then our job is to work out – whilst shoring up our support – how to diminish threats and change allegiances our way.

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