Montecito Mansion Zoom Rig

Oh dear. Need we ponder what Piers Morgan makes of this?

More importantly, what do we, as salespeople who zoom, think?

Here, the Mailonline helpfully point out the make-up of Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday promoting WFH workstation.

Nairy cables, strewn stationery nor any real semblance of ‘work’ on view.

There’s little room for essential note-taking anyway.

As seen in the frame below. Straight from Brand Sussex HQ, California.

Oh for the space, hey. And who wouldn’t like to dial-in from such a huge table?

She certainly scores by giving herself plenty of room. Feeling cramped on a video call bound to inhibit performance and so too outcomes.

She also understands the virtue of having your webcam higher than your standard keyboard hunched work posture would deliver.

In this case, to obtain optimum elevation, she props up the (dark grey Apple) laptop with several copies of (ahem) books. With special foundation placing for what appears to be a Dorling Kindersley coffee table offering; Photography, the definitive visual history.

We all have something to hand surely with which we could cobble together a similar plinth?

Despite this successful tactic, there is little else to appeal.

Here’s London’s Telegraph broadsheet getting in on the act. Reminding us what other participants see. Pointing out their take on a pair of ‘personality cues’ (plant game stage right features louder on-screen).

The beige surrounds, despite the perhaps pricey stonemasonry, are all a bit, well, vanilla.

The lack of any real insight from the backdrop behind a missed trick. Imagine for instance, a telling patchwork frieze affixed to the mantelpiece behind.

Not a single ornament to indicate direction. (Family snaps are of a completely different category and the twelve hundred quid throw hardly qualifies either.) Yet this is someone supposedly oozing higher purpose.

Yes, we suspect it is painstakingly curated by some minion of the trade or a gang of befriended prominent artistes.

But still, it is not quite the vibe of a focused, diligent hard-worker. And certainly not that of a creative or person of action.

What then, we may be left with, is the perfect Influencer rig.

With all that entails.

We can take from it quite a bit. Good and bad.

And probably expected to be grateful for the glimpse.

Let’s not waste it, hey.

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