Zara Fast Fashion Check

I note that Spanish global clothing giant Zara put certain shapes on garment labels and price tags.

◻ ▽ ○

What's more, is that some shoppers thought they'd figured out the 'code'.

Referring possibly to how the sizes run. Whether they in reality wear bigger, smaller, or as indicated.

Yet the true reason, is for floorstaff to put items in their correct sub-department.

Squares show the more classic, stylish Woman collection. An apex-down triangle the symbol of the Trafaluc offer, aka TRF aimed at teenage ideals and pockets. The circle marks out pieces of the Basic range.

There could well be a neat little change-up from this for your next forecast review.

Could you similarly label your own deals with these shapes?

Might it help verify or re-align where your efforts are best focused?

Squares might suggest an aspirational deal.

Triangles ones at the mercy of 'fashion'.

Circles your bread 'n butter.

Or any other interpretation that suits.

Which when collated, may well give you a less than welcome imbalance between the types of deals you pursue.

And as for a tip on how to present internally if need be - should a fashionista symbol not cut it for you/your audience - then how about using or remixing a classic Bauhaus depiction of the three shapes?

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