Zen Destination

As the Open golf chugged along to its unusually inevitable, and for new champ Oosthuizen delightfully dominant, conclusion, former Ryder Cup victor Mark James was providing dazzlingly dry-witted commentary.

He divulged that his caddy when playing in America, “Adam”, in his ‘zen-like manner’, used to remind him,

“the pin is a destination, not a target”

Unfamiliar as I am with all things zen, I couldn’t help thinking how such an attitude would surely enhance any sellers results. How do think either those whom report to, support or manage you would understand something like ‘the quota is a destination, not a target’?!

There’s some merit in this as a framework, don’t you think? It encompasses the concept of crafting a repeatable, successful personal sales formula of which I’m a huge advocate for a start. It also encourages bigger picture, strategic thinking ahead of the all-too frequent knee-jerk, reactionary tactical focus that I see derail many a worthy salesperson.

When the atmosphere becomes a tad tense in your next heavy account review, with people losing the scent by going down a blinkered cul-de-sac, this may well be a phrase that brings things back on track.

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